Allison Fleming is an new student in Tokyo high school and trys to be freinds to

Vanessa and Miyuki Nazawa.

Plot and DeathEdit

Allison is struggling to find freinds so she trys to be freinds with Vanessa and Miyuki,Who are populars of the school.Vanessa has an prank for Allison and the three then go to the abandoed burned Seaki House.Allison is locked in the cubaord and she sees Kayako Seaki and Toshio Seaki.Allison screams and manages to get out in time.

The next day in class,Allison is writeing down her essay.She feals Toshio holding her legs and she looks down and sees him.She jumps in horror but he is not there,Causing her to be embarrased.She then sees an cat brushing on Miyuki's legs and Miyuki notices.The two stare in horror.

Later on,Vanessa bullies Allison as she took an school shrink in front of the other girls.Later on,Miyuki is killed and Allison and Vanessa are questioned by the school counselor Dale.Vanessa says it is all Allison's fault and Allison tells her that she is sick of her bullying and runs away,Dale following her.

Later on,Allison and Dale talk.Allison then tells her of The Seaki Curse but Dale says no.She says Vanessa and Miyuki are dead.Dale says no there are not,As they are next to her.Allison looks at the ghosts of Miyuki and Vanessa.Allison falls down and finds Dale as an ghost.Allison runs away and flees the country.

Later on,Jake Kimble keeps seeing Allison picking up trash and acting strange.At the end,It all turns out that Aubrey Davis was realy Kayako and that Allison has spread the curse to America.Toshio then kills Allison,Who was in the hood.

Alternate endingEdit

Allison and Jake talk and then Kayako apears.She chases them and Allison and Jake are killed by Kayako.


  • In the japanese series,She was knowen as Izumi.