Chiharu is an student who is freinds with

Izumi and Hiromi.After Izumi's death,Kayako is after Chiharu.

Before the curseEdit

Chiharu and Hiromi wonder why there is no pictures of Izumi in their school trip.They visit her and find newspapers in the windows.Chiharu and Hiromi are told by Izumi's mother that Izumi's father acted the same befour he died.Chiharu and Hiromi then look at the pictures and Izumi's face is all messed up.

Acting to the curseEdit

Chiharu has an nightmare of her in an old house.Chiharu is haunted by an thud in the attic and Toshio Seaki running away.Chiharu follows him but trips down the stairs and then wakes up in her bed.

Later at school,Hiromi says they are extras for an film.Chiharu finds herself in the same house and go's in Kayako's room.It will not open and something comes out.Then,Kayako apears and is about to kill her when Chiharu wakes up.Hiromi says they are up for acting.

Chiharu,Hiromi and a group of female students are acting and they hear an scream.They all run to the scream and Chiharu screams out of script.When Hiromi is calming her down,Chiharu keeps looking at Kyoko in fear.It turns out Toshio is touching her at the stomache but she can not feel.She then wakes up and finds herself hearing banging noises from the door.Chiharu begs Hiromi to get her out.The door opens but the security chain is there.Chiharu then reaches out and drags onto Hiromi's chain.

Chiharu wakes up in the casting van.All that was an dream and tells Hiromi not to go into the house.Then,Chiharu comes to horror when she is holding the chain and runs away when learning Hiromi still has the chain.Chiharu locks the restroom dorr and tells Hiromi not to come in.Then,The room keeps chainging to the restroom to the seaki house.Chiharu looks up and gives an big scream as Kayako on the wall.

Chiharu manages to escape with Hiromi chaseing after her.Chiharu then trips over an football which kills her but her spirit thinks she is alive.She sees the ball turning into Toshio' head and Chiharu runs.She turns to Hiromi and finds Hiromi hugging Chiharu's dead body.Chiharu screams to Hiromi and touches her.Hiromi turns around but does not see anything.Chiharu is then going up to heaven untill Kayako apears and drags her down.Chiharu then wakes up and finds herself in the seaki house.The two girls scream at each other to get Chiharu out.However,Hiromi lets go when she sees Kayako behind Chiharu.Chiharu turns around and trys to get Hiromi's hand.She ends up giving the chain to her and she is dragged away screaming Hiromi.Hiromi then runs away.


  • This is the most confusing part of the film for some viewers.
  • Hiromi might have done what Izumi did and hide out as Kayako could have cursed her.
  • Chiharu might be freinds of Izumi's freinds.