Hiromi is the friend of

Izumi and Chiharu.She is one of the few people who do not get cursed.

Izumi's terrorEdit

Hiromi, Izumi and Chiharu are in school one day and notice Saori and her friends' missing posters. Izumi goes to her house while Hiromi and Chiharu argue with their teacher why Izumi's pictures are not there.He gives them the pictures and they go to Izumi. In Izumi's room, Chiharu discovers newspapers on the windows and Izumi screams at them to get out. Hiromi and Chiharu are then told by Izumi's mother that her husband acted the same way before he died. Izumi is later killed after Hiromi and Chiharu see that Izumi's pictures are all blurred.

Chiharu's deathEdit

Hiromi and Chiharu are acting as extras.Throughout the film, Chiharu is imagining stuff and freaking out. It all goes too far and Chiharu tries to escape from Kayako Seaki. Chiharu is then killed by a football even though it is really Toshio Seaki. Chiharu then is a ghost and goes up to heaven, before Kayako grabs her and kills her. Chiharu wakes up and the two try to get Chiharu out. Kayako grabs and pulls Chiharu to her death. Hiromi runs away.