Hitomi is the daughter to

Sachie Tokunaga and sister to Katsuya Tokunaga.


Hitomi is invivted to dinner to Katsuya's home,Where his wife Kazumi and Sachie live too.Hitomi is freaked out by Katsuya,Who then tells her to leave.

Work and DeathEdit

Hitomi is working on night shift and is going out.She trys to phone Katsuya,Who does not answers.In the restroom,She gets an call from him but an Death Rattle is heard.Hitomi gets banging noises from the next stall and she says sorry.When leaveing,Her lucky charm falls and she grabs it.But,An black cloud is seen picking it and Hitomi escapes.She go's to the security guard.He walks into the ladys room and is killed.Hitomi runs to her house.

Hitomi then runs to the elevator to get to her room.In evreylanding,Toshio Seaki is there but Hitomi does not see.She runs to her room and gets an call from Katsuya,Who says he forgets the house number.She buzzes him though and almost in one second,The doorbell rings.It is Tatsuya.She opens the door and then he is not there.An death rattle is heard and Hitomi flees to her bed and turns on the tv.Then,The image gets messed up.Hitomi then finds her lucky charm and throws it away in horror.Suddenly,Kayako is with her and drags her away into the bed,Killing her.