Izumi is an teenage student who is involved with

The Seaki Curse.


Izumi,Saori and a few girls go in the Seaki House to hang out.Izumi hears noises and runs away.Befour she go's outside,She sees her father,Toyama looking at her.He,However is dead and Izumi runs away.This leads to the deaths of Saori and the other girls.Then later Izumi is pulled away by Kayako Saeki.


Izumi,Hiromi and Chiharu look at the missing posters of Saori and her freinds.Izumi has felt guilty of their deaths and puts newspapers on the windows and the curtins closed.Hiromi and Chiharu gets photos of Izumi,Saori and Saori's pictures.All their faces are smudged.

Izumi has an dream of her father that night.She wakes up and finds one of her newspapers have fell.She picks them up and puts them back on the window.Suddenly,Saori and her freinds are ghosts and they chase her untill Izumi is cornored.Izumi screams out when Kayako Seaki grabs her and pulls away to her death.


  • Chiharu is cursed in the next film because of Izumi and an media crew.
  • Hiromi and Chiharu do not even talk about Izumi in the next film.