Jake Kimble is the son of Bill Kimble and the brother of Lacey Kimble


Jake was very close to his mother until she died of unknown means. His father remarried to a woman named Trish, whom Jake does not really care for and tries to keep away from her as long as possible. He is also very close to his sister Lacey.

The Grudge 2Edit

Jake is distant to Trish and keeps on hearing banging noises.He is freaked out by new neighbor.Lacey comes back and finds Jake terrified as Bill and Trish are fighting.Jake then follows the neighbor and she is picking up trash while two ghostly figures follow her.

Jake comes home and finds the house in a mess and the banging is still going on.Jake and Lacey then go in and Jake finds Bill's corpse.Jake runs to tell Lacey but finds her drowned.He then finds Trish is the bath.Then,Toshio drowns Trish and Jake flees.He then finds Allison.It is revealed that she brought the curse there.Kayako Seaki kills Tracey and then attacks Jake.

The Grudge 3Edit

Jake is an suspect of the events and is described as insane.Jake's caretaker Dr.Sullivan tries to make Jake talk.She leaves and then Kayako attacks and breaks evrey bone of Jake's body and Sullivan is horrified when she finds the corpse.He is then later seen in an tape describing Kayako.


  • In an alternate ending,Jake finds his other neighbor dead.He runs to the room with the banging and finds Allison's parent's bodies.Jake then runs and finds Allison.Allsion tells him what happened and then Kayako apears.She crawls to them fast while the other two desparately try to get away.However,Kayako gets them.This was seen in the trailer.
  • If the alternate ending was the true one,Allison might have apeared in the Grudge 3.