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Juon/Grudge Wiki is an encyclopedia about evreything that is releated to Kayako,Toshio,Karen,Rika and the curse.This Wiki allows anyone to create or edit any article.


Juon/Grudge is an series of horror films.It involves Kayako Seaki and Toshio Seaki killing people.Anyone can edit an page about the films and characters.

List of Films

Juon The curse

Juon The curse 2

Juon The grudge

Juon The grudge 2

The grudge 1

The grudge 2

The grudge 3

Juon Old Lady in white

Juon Girl in Black

Short films



Tales from the grudge Part 1

Tales from the grudge Part 2

Tales from the grudge Part 3


Juon Fear An nintendo wii game.

The Grudge Online An online game.You have to survive the Seaki House.

The Grudge 2 Online An online game.You are trapped in an room and have to find an way out.

The Grudge Fire In The grudge 2 website,In the house fire,An man search's for an boy and finds the horror.