Kanna is the daughter of

Noriko.She is freinds with Hisayo.


Kanna is studying with tutor Yuki.Kanna suddenly remembers she has to feed the school rabbits and she runs.She also makes fun of brother Tsuyoshi of his girlfreind.Kanna then in the short go's with Hisayo and they chat.Kanna cuts her hand and Hisayo go's for an bandage.She is then killed by Kayako Seaki and later kills Hisayo with Kayako.Kanna is then seen going upstairs.Noriko follows her and finds her jawless.Noriko screams as Kanna kills her.


  • She is the second person to be killed by Kayako.The first is Kobayashi.
  • Kanna's death is explained in the first short.