Katasumi is the first film to apear in the

Juon series.It is an short and features Kayako Seaki for the first time.


Kanna and Hisayo are feading the school rabbits.Kanna accidently cuts her hand and Hisayo runs inside the school to get an bandage.Kanna is then attacked by an fast Kayako.

Hisayao runs outside and finds the rabbits dead and Kanna is disapeared.Hisayo then finds Kayako crawling in the grass.She notices her and crawls to her.Hisayo gets an trowel and defends herself in an cornor.She then notices Kanna without an jaw.She screams as Kayako and Kanna kill her.


  • In America,It is called In an cornor.
  • It explains how Kanna had no jaw in the next film.
  • Takashi Shimizu had an choice how to take it after his shorts.He was going to make it of an haunted school.