Rika Nishina

Kayako Seaki is an spirit in the

Juon series.She is the wife of Takeo Seaki and mother to Toshio Seaki.


In the Asian version,Kayako was in love with Kobayashi,An old flame.However,Kobayashi did not know and was happily married.However,Kayako wrote in her diary about Kobayashi.Takeo found out and attacked her and broke her neck,Making her Death Rattle.Toshio hid and disapeared.Kayako then killed Kobayashi and then Takeo.Anyone who enter the house,Were killed by Toshio or Kayako.


Kayako was in love with Peter Kirk.However,Takeo yet again found out and killed her and drowned Toshio.This time,Kayako killed Takeo. but not Kirk.Later on the series,Aubrey Davis found out why Kayako became an ghost.Kayako was a experiment on her mothers patients.Her mother gave the evil spirits inside her patients and put it into Kayako.As Toshio was inside her blood,He too,Probary was given the spirits.


  • Kayako is knowen for her death rattle.
  • Kayako wears an big white dress with long black hair.