Naoko Kawamata is the sister of

Kayako Seaki.She is married.

The grudge 3Edit

Naoko gets news that Jake Kimble has been killed by Kayako.Naoko knows this as Kayako sends her pictures of the people she kills.Knowing that Jake is young,She is going to put an stop to it.

Naoko wants to be an resident as she knows Kayako is there.She is introduced to Max,Lisa and Rose.When Naoko leaves,Kayako is seen looking at her,But does not kill her.Later,When things get out hand and people start dying,Naoko reveals what happened to Kayako and knows an way to stop The Seaki Curse once and for all.However,An excorisim has to be used.Lisa is freaked out and leaves with Rose.

In an shocking twist,Max is possessed by Takeo Seaki and he chucks out Lisa.Lisa is attacked by Kayako and then asks for help from Naoko.Lisa then gets Rose and then the perform it.However,Rose has to drink Kayako's blood.Lisa escapes with Rose but are confronted by Takeo.Takeo then chases Naoko untill she is cornored and is killed.Meanwhile,Lisa is nearly killed and Rose drinks the blood,Ending the curse.However,Naoko then apaers as an spirit and she kills Max,As Takeo has left his body.