Rika Nishina is an careworker and is cursed by

The Seaki Curse.


Rika is told that she has to work overlate and she will get an free dinner.Rika has to look after Sachie Tokunaga.

Curse and deathEdit

Rika comes to the Tokunaga house.She met Sachie who was all alone.Rika then grabbed an picture when cleaning.It has an man,Woman and an child.Rika then went to an cuboard and looked inside it.She saw an cat.She then met Toshio Seaki who had cuts and bruises.Rika went to tell Sachie but then fainted when Kayako Seaki killed Sachie.Toshio then looked at the fainted Rika.

Rika's boss Hirohashi comes to find out why Rika never showed up at work.He finds Sachie dead and Rika in an state of shock.The police then investigate.A few years later,Rika is been haunted by Kayako and Toshio.She is at lunch with freind Mariko and sees Toshio.She runs away.Rika gets an call from Mariko asking what happened and she is at the seaki house to look after Toshio.

Rika runs to the house and looks for Mariko.She then go's up the attic when Mariko is dragged up and killed by Kayako.Rika looks up and Kayako crawls to her.Rika then trys to escape untill she is next to an mirror.Her reflection was Kayako.She relises this when she does peek a boo.Rika turns around and crawls away when Kayako is reaching out for her,But for help.

Rika then does peek a boo again and finds her as Kayako.It is revealed throughout the movie that when Kayako killed,It was really Rika.Rika comes to horror that she has to play the curse when Takeo Seaki reaches to her.Rika screams when he is about to grab her in the face.Rika is then seen stuffed up in an attic.She then wakes up as the new Kayako.

Alternate endingEdit

Rika is then seen getting dragged to an room by Takeo.Takeo has snapped her neck.She is left stareing at horror as Takeo grabs an knife and stabs into her.She is then seen in the attic like the original.