The seaki house belonged to

Takeo Seaki,Kayako Seaki and Toshio Seaki.

The curse startsEdit

Kayako seaki was in love with Kobayashi/Peter Kirk.However,Takeo found out and murdered Kayako and Toshio in an jealous fit of rage.Now,Who enters or comes in contact with a person who is cursed,Dies.


In the Asian version,Lots of familys had stayed there.However,They had all disapeard or turned up dead.However,At the end of the last one,The house then became famous of the fake Haunting.An film crew had went in and they too,Died or disapeared.It is unknowen that the house was banned for anyone to come in.


Karen Davis had set an fire to the house when nearly dying from Kayako.This,However,Made it stronger and it travled to America.However,This is only possible as the fire crew had saved the house.Now,An new building was set up with the curse in America,While Davis's sister is haunting the house.