Susan Williams is the sister to

Matthew Williams and daughter of Emma Williams.


One night,Susan is on the nightshift and go's to get out of the building.In the stairwell,She finds Kayako Seaki crawling upstairs and the lights turning on and off from upstairs.Susan escapes but Kayako grabs her lucky charm.Susan tells an gaurd who checks.However,He walks away and Susan thinks she is hallucinating.However,She sees Kayako coming from the door so she runs.

Susan arrives in her apartment and into the elevavtor.On evreylanding,Toshio Seaki is seen but Susan does not see.She runs to her room and the buzzer go's off.She answers and it is her brother.She buzzes him in and then looks through an peephole after an doorbell ring.She sees Mathew and opens the door in anger.She sees nothing but hears the Death Rattle.Susan runs inside and hides in the bed.She finds her lucky charm and throws it away in horror.She looks under the covers and Kayako drags her under.She is never seen again.


  • Since her lucky charm was lost,Her luck turned bad.
  • In an short scene that is seen in the unrated version,An Hand is in the sink and Susan is horrifed and runs to the bed.
  • See Matthew's Link to see her deleted scene with her and Matthew in the House.