Toyama is the "only detective left" who worked the original Saeki murder-suicide case. Presumably, he was so disturbed by the incident that he quit the force. When the Tokunaga's are found dead in the Saeki house, Toyama is called back in to help investigate the new case and help track down Hitomi Tokunaga, who has gone missing.

The detectives show Toyama a surveillance video from her place of employment, where she was last seen. In it, the ghostly shadow of Kayako Saeki is seen pulling a security guard into the bathroom. Her shadow then emerges from the bathroom and slowly approaches the camera, where she then seemingly looks directly into Toyama's eyes.

A deeply shaken Toyama decides that he's had enough of the Seaki Curse and decides to burn their house down, in the hopes that it will destroy its ghostly inhabitants' link to the corporeal world. While dousing the house in gasoline, he is distracted by noises. He investigates and witnesses a vision of the future, wherein he sees his high school-aged daughter, Izumi. The vision ends abruptly, and Kayako's deformed body starts crawling towards him. He flees the house, but is pursued and killed by the Saeki ghosts.